Pasta By Al Dente: Fiesta Fettuccine

Pasta By Al Dente: Fiesta Fettuccine

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    Pasta By Al Dente: Fiesta Fettuccine

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    The most colorful of Al Dente Pastas, this mixture of egg, spinach and tomato fettuccine is a visual extravaganza. 

    Al Dente Pasta only uses the very best ingredients—100 percent North American-Grown durum wheat, farm fresh eggs plus premium herbs and spices. While many conventional pasta makers extrude their pasta in order to speed production, Al Dente uses the time-honored tradition of rolling out its pasta dough. 

    This process called “sheeting,” duplicates rolling pasta dough with a rolling pin which Monique’s mentor, famed Italian cook Marcella Hazan, believed was essential to creating the best pasta. Sheeting is a slow and precise process that allows Al Dente to achieve the sublime, velvety texture that has made it a favorite on dinner tables across North America.

    341g • USA

    Ingredients: Durum flour, semolina flour, water, pasteurized whole eggs, spinach, tomato powder, spinach powder

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